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3 oz blue ridge sourwood

  • 3 oz blue ridge sourwood

Voted the worlds favorite honey multiple times at the Apiamondia world honey show.
Sour wood is a small tree that flourishes in the heart of the blue ridge mountains. every year in early July beekeepers from all over the country bring their hives to north Georgia to take their chance at making honey from this finicky and unreliable bloom.
Why all the trouble? sourwood is one of only two honeys found in north America that will never crystalize the other being tupelo. This is due to the high fructose content of the flowers nectar. Sourwood has an unmistakable clear to light amber color and often has a rose gold caste when held to the light. With Flavor notes of anise and melon this clean delicate honey is a real treat and often mixed with cheaper honeys due to the small amount that is produced. this delicate honey is best suited for tea cheese or other light fare but arround here we jut eat it on its own by the spoonful