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3 oz Alapaha River Tupelo

  • 3 oz Alapaha River Tupelo

what can I say, Tupelo is the whole reason Im in this line of work. My father Hank Bruns also kept bees and as a child Tupelo wasn't just another honey it was the holy grail. with its clove and jasmine fragrance you know right away your dealing with something special. What makes true tupelo so hard to come by is the short availability of nectar. The white tupelo tree is similar to the cypress tree. found growing primarily in the swamps of the Florida panhandle, Tupelo can also be found in small pockets of south Georgia swamp land. Our tupelo is made along the swampy flood plains of the Alapaha river in middle Georgia. Tupelo is in the gum family and its stickers secrete a nectar favored by bees and southerners alike. every may these giants bloom for only 2-5 days. This means the beekeeper must visit the trees every day waiting for just the right moment to give their bees boxes to store nectar in. the beekeeper must then remove the honey before the next bloom overlaps and the tupelo becomes mixed with other less desirable flowers. A must have for any honey lovers collection.